Identity [EP]

The group Boys Republic made their debut this summer with the fun dance single “Party Rock.” Formed by members Won Jun, Da Bin, Min Su, Sung Jun and Onejunn, the boy band now releases their first mini-album Identity. Besides their debut single, the album features the new title song “You’re Special to Me” and “Why” with lyrics by leader Won Jun. The group’s brand song for Jeju Air, Orange Sky, is as included as a bonus track. Boys Republic – “Identity” [EP] was released by Universal Music Korea. The first mini album ‘Identity’ of Boys Republic’s released 8th.October. Introducing all about Boys Republic’s who will be the leading idol group of Korean wave.

Track names:        I’m Ready, LIU, Orange Sky, Party Rock, Push The Fader
Work:                     Co-written & co-produced by Dsign Music
Total sales: