Miracles In December

“Miracles in December” is the second EP by South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo. It was released by S.M. Entertainment on December 9, 2013. Presented as a special winter album, “Miracles in December” is a follow-up to the group’s first studio album XOXO, which was released in June 2013. Like all of the group’s music, the EP has Korean and Chinese versions. Its lead single “Miracles in December” was first unveiled on December 4, 2013 through the release of the single’s accompanying music videos. On December 5, the single was released online, and debuted at number one on nine South Korean music charts.

Track name:        The Star
Work:                   Written and produced by Dsign Music (Kei Lim & Nermin Harambasic & Martin Mulholland)
Total sales:
Album charts:     #1 on the korean charts