Monochrome is the fifth studio album by South Korean recording artist Lee Hyori. It was released on May 21, 2013, by B2M Entertainment and distributed by CJ E&M Music.The album, which has an analogue sound and retro feel, departs from her previous style of music. It is her first full-length release since H-Logic (2010). Unlike her previous work, Lee collaborated with foreign composers such as Norwegian songwriting team Dsign Music. Monochrome contains a total of sixteen tracks, including the lead single “Bad Girls”. A special edition of the album, featuring a 156-page photo book and limited to 5,000 copies, was available for pre-order starting on May 9, 2013.

An immensely popular pop singer (as well as actress) in her native South Korea, Hyori Lee — born May 10, 1979 — got her start as part of the K-pop group Fin.K.L., who were formed in 1998. After recording a number of albums with that particular group, Lee moved into the role of television presenter and solo artist. Her first album, Stylish…E, was released in 2003, and won the singer a great deal of awards and sales. Her acting career also took off around this time, as she starred in a dramatic television series entitled Three Leaf Clover. In 2006 Lee released a second album, Dark Angel, which was a big seller due to its racy nature. Lee released a “digital single” — “Toc Toc Toc” — in 2007 to coincide with and act as a soundtrack to her latest dramatic venture, a television miniseries called If in Love…Like Them. Her third album, It’s Hyorish, arrived in summer 2008 and featured the single “U-Go-Girl.”

Track names:        Bad Girls, Trust me, Special, Amor Mio, Going Crazy, Oars
Work:                     Written & produced by Dsign Music
Total sales: