Sky Is The Limit

“Sky Is the Limit” is the seventh studio album published by the Swiss DJ – “DJ Antoine”, released on 25 January 2013. The first single released from the album is “Bella Vita”. The second was “All I Live For” and the third “Sky Is the Limit”. Within just a few hours after the release, the album was ranked number one in the German, Austrian and Swiss iTunes album chart. In Germany it rose in the first week til number No. 6 in the official album charts. In Austria, it jumped to number 2 and in Switzerland, the album reached number one on the album Charts. Although the song “House Party”, “Sky Is the Limit” and “Perfect Day” did not appear as a single, it reached due to strong downloads in several music portals the singles charts in many countries. “Bella Vita” peaked on number one only one week after the album was released. In Germany “Sky Is the Limit” was the most succesfull song of the album.

Track names:     We Will Never Grow Old, Beautiful, Now Or Never
Work:                  Co-written by Dsign Music
Total sales: 
Charts:               #1 Austrian album Charts